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Where do you go for autumn leaves?
Should be Jododaira!

For lodging, as a daytime cafe, Azumagoya Lodge.


​ [Topics]

>Shared (dorm)room during peak season Web discount for 4 or more people.

>Wine (Azumagoya Lodge label) 360cc cap bottle is now on sale!

>Simple toilet flushing and new shower room construction completed!

>Next to Azumagoya Lodge, there is a campground which is close to the starry sky "Jododaira Campsite".

>A day trip bus to Jododaira runs on limited dates until the end of September. For more information Fukushima Kotsu Kanko.



Crowded days: 16 Sep., 28 Sep., 6 Oct., 8-9 Oct., 14 Oct., 21 Oct. and 3 Nov.

*Because it is a busy season, meals are guaranteed to be prepared at least 3 days in advance. No longer available! Those who book less than three days should bring foods.

*It's cool enough to need warm clothes. Please check the temperature in the weather forecast.

*The phone is not connected to Azumagoya Lodge. It is not necessary to call our lodge on the day of the trip to say, "I'm going down the mountain, but I'll be a little late." because we take phones in another place (Bandai Tours, Urabandai). The dinner you have reserved will be served at 18:00 even if you have not arrived. Please plan with plenty of time.

*Azumagoya Lodge is open until 4 November, but this may change depending on snow conditions

What kind of place?

A mountain lodge at an altitude of 1576m where you can go by car.

You can stay at a mountain hut built in 1934.

A cafe where you can stop by while trekking.​​

​The starry sky is near! Enchanted and dreamy.

And above all, the fresh air in the morning is exceptional.

Old but cozy lodge

​Book Azumagoya Lodge


Not only for lodge guests


close to the starry sky

"​Jododaira Campground"

(Visitor center website)

Beautiful Trails

​Visitor center's

hiking trail guidance


Rules and precautions for using Azumagoya Lodge

・Mobile phones are almost useless. Docomo and au waves available near the visitor center, but no Softbank wave.

・Electricity is generated by a generator and a solar panel. From the viewpoint of resource conservation, the lights-out time is 9:00 p.m. .

・It is hard work to put down garbage from the mountain. Please take out the garbage such as drinks and food brought by yourself.

*Mt. Issaikyo (Mt. Azuma) is a volcano. When the volcanic alert level rises to 2, Azumagoya Lodge will be forced to close.

In that case, we will contact everyone who made a reservation.​You can stay at Azumagoya Lodge only when you are level 1.

In a way, now is the time. ​We are waiting for your reservation.


Stay night at 1576m.

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