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Fresh green season has come.

Azumagoya Lodge, celebrated its 90th birthday this year.




The end of the 2024 season will be 4 Nov.

Already crowded or stop booking dates(5/30,6/5,6/15,7/11,7/20,7/27,7/29,8/10,9/17,10/13,10/16,10/20,10/26,10/31,11/4)

Discounts are available only for online reservations for a batch of 4 or more people!

Azumagoya Lodge's 90th anniversary commemorative label wine will be available from 29 May.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 90-year-old, 1576 m high, mountain lodge in the sky!

What kind of place?

A mountain lodge at an altitude of 1576m where you can go by car.

You can stay at a mountain hut built in 1934.

A cafe where you can stop by while trekking.​​

​The starry sky is near! Enchanted and dreamy.

And above all, the fresh air in the morning is exceptional.

Old but cozy lodge

​Special stay at the lodge


close to the starry sky

"​Jododaira Campground"

(Visitor center website)

Beautiful Trails

​Visitor center's

hiking trail guidance


[Rules and precautions for using Azumagoya Lodge]

*Mobile phones are almost useless. Docomo and au waves available near the visitor center, but no Softbank wave.

*Electricity is generated by a generator and a solar panel. From the viewpoint of resource conservation, the lights-out time is 9:00 p.m. .

*It is hard work to put down garbage from the mountain. Please take out the garbage such as drinks and food brought by yourself.

*Mt Issaikyo (Mt Azuma) is a volcano. When the volcanic alert level rises to 2, Azumagoya Lodge will be forced to close.


Stay night at 1576m.

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