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Inside Azumagoya Lodge

 Let's take a look at a perspective drawing!

Azumagoya prices2024

Accommodation room configuration

Accommodation consists of a shared room (dormitory) area connected to the dining area (maximum 10 people) and one private room (maximum 3 people) on the second floor and one attendant's room (1 private room) on the first floor.

Communal kitchen, two western-style flush toilets and one shower room (all on the second floor).


How to book a dormitory room?

Enter the check-in and check-out dates and the number of people in your party to search.

There are different booking entrances for 1-person, 2-person, 3-4-person and 5-7-person reservations.

Please make your booking via the appropriate entrance according to the number of people you wish to book.

For 8 or more persons, please see 'Group reservations' below.

Children can also stay at the hotel, but there are no child rates.

There is a discount only for web bookings when booking in batches of 4 or more people.

(The discount is automatically calculated at the time of booking. Discount rates are not published).


How to book a private room?

Enter the check-in and check-out dates and the number of people in the room to search.

When 3 persons use the room, 2 persons have beds and 1 person has a couch bed.


Attendant's room

Private room with one 120 cm wide bed and a small desk.

For group bookings, the room is allocated to the attendant or group leader, but can also be used by general customers.

Please mention the room is on the ground floor, so you need to go upstairs to access the toilet, shower, sink and dining room. There is a small window but no view.


Regarding group bookings

Groups (from 8 to a maximum of 14 people) should enquire via Contact instead of booking one person at a time.

For travel agencies, please contact us for a separate quote.


Last minute bookings

Please make same-day bookings by mid-morning. The booking system will accept reservations even in the afternoon, but without a reservation in the morning, the manager may go down to town on business and not return until the next day.


Note on meal costs and meal reservations

3,200 yen/meal for dinner + breakfast.

Additional meals can be added as an option after the room booking page.

If you do not require either dinner or breakfast, please inform us at the time of booking.

Due to the inconvenient location for procuring foodstuffs, meals can only be guaranteed if you book up to 3 days in advance.
If you book less than three days in advance, please bring your own food.

Please note that packed lunches are not provided.


Time rules

Check-in from 15:00 to 18:00

Dinner from 18:00

Lights out 21:00  

Breakfast 7am-8am

Check-out 9am


Payment methods

For groups of four or more people, the representative must make a lump sum payment in cash.

Credit card payment by PayPal is available for advance payment. Please select PayPal payment at the end of the booking page.

For on-site payment, cashless payment is also available, but it may not be possible to make the payment if the Wi-Fi connection is poor.
Therefore, please be prepared to pay in cash in case cashless payment is not possible due to poor connection.

All prices shown include consumption tax.


Contact details

There is no landline telephone at Azumagoya Lodge and mobile phones do not work.

In principle, please contact us by e-mail.

The number 0241-23-8757 is used by Bandai Tours, a travel agency in Urabandai to receive calls, so depending on the content of your question we may not be able to answer immediately.

Especially on the day of the tour, if you call us and say, for example, "I'm going down the mountain now, but I might be a little late", we will not be able to tell this to the lodge.

At Azumagoya Lodge, we prepare dinner at 6pm if you have a reservation, even if you have not arrived yet.

If you do not arrive that night, we will charge you 100% of the cancellation fee as an unauthorised no-show.

We will not contact the relevant authorities if you do not arrive, as we are not the place to receive your mountaineering report.

In case of problems on the climbing route, please call the relevant authorities and not the mountain lodge.

To avoid this, please do not plan your activities from the outset with the intention of calling us if something goes wrong, or plan an unreasonable itinerary with the possibility of delays.

How to cancel

Please contact us via Contact to inform us of any cancellations.

Cancellation policy

Individuals (7 people or less): 0% 3 days in advance, 50% 2 days in advance, 70% the day before, 100% on the day or no-show.

Group (8 or more persons) bookings: 50% 10 days in advance, 70% 7 days in advance, 90% the day before, 100% on the day or no-show.


For those who have not paid in advance, we ask for payment of the cancellation fee by cash transfer or via PayPal.

*In case of earthquake or volcanic eruption level disasters and if the skyline is blocked (physically unable to reach the lodge), cancellation fees will be waived even at the last minute.

Please understand that bad weather (rain, snow, strong winds) can be predicted three days in advance and that ill health, fever of children, misfortune of relatives, car breakdown, accidents on the way, etc. are at the customer's convenience and cancellation fees will be charged if it is within the penalty period.

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